Modern Endpoint Management for Titan Trust Bank
Titan Trust Bank is the first National Banking licensee approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria within the last decade. Established in 2018 and licensed in 2019, Titan Trust came to take advantage of the identified gaps in the banking sector and address the unmet needs of the retail mass market, SMEs, and corporate institutions. With a customer acquisition growth of 196% within the last 2 years, Titan Trust achieved a revenue of $9.1m, and increased year on-year asset growth by 81% making the bank emerge as the best new commercial banking brand and the fastest growing digital banking brand in Nigeria in 2021.
Titan’s branch network, full of best-in-class staff, is structured to enhance quality service delivery with great customer experience. Thus, Titan Trust Bank creates value through the excellent combination of its talents and superior technology while providing transparent and convenient solutions through a lean network of branches to various customers across all markets.

The Business Need
Based on the sensitivity of the data and information in its hands, Titan Trust faced three crucial business challenges:

  • The ability to manage the devices of remote and hybrid workers.
  • Protecting its information assets across all platforms – cloud and on-premises.
  • The bank wanted a solution to manage its compliance posture to Data Regulations.
  • To meet these daunting business challenges, Titan Trust began to engage various technology partners; this was how Wragby came into the picture. Leveraging our Advanced Specializations and attainment as the only Azure Expert MSP partner in Nigeria, we offered various services to customers besides license sales. The services include but are not limited to Digital Advisory, Technology Solutions and Services Delivery, Managed Services and Managed Security Services. We currently serve customers cutting across Enterprise, SMC, and SMB segments as well as across various sectors of the economy. Our footprints also expands to other African countries like Ghana, Kenya and Botswana etc.

    The Solution and Engagement
    After a joint solution assessment session with the Titan Trust’s Chief Information Officer and key stakeholders to understand their business needs and based on our assessment of the Bank’s requirements, we pitched Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Microsoft Intune as a proposed solution to their current needs.
    We adopted a strategy to leverage our attainment as the only Azure MSP Expert across in Nigeria. Our commitment to value and timely project completion, without quality compromise helped to facilitate the win. After the approval of the Scope of work and commercial proposals, we kicked off the project.
    Using the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), we delivered this project to Titan Trust Bank. MSF was used as the approach for this project because it represents an industry-effective solution.
    Microsoft Information Protection and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Microsoft Intune solutions were proposed because it automatically detects and remediates advanced attacks on endpoint devices. As an enterprise endpoint security platform, it was designed to help enterprise networks prevent, detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats. The solution offered a major advantage by ensuring that when a breach occurs, it can be quickly isolated and dealt with before it has a chance to cause any damage or manifest itself within the network. It also identifies vulnerabilities in your organization, such as unpatched software, providing remediation options to address this concern.
    For Titan Trust Bank, the endpoints where the solution was deployed cut across Laptops, Smartphones, Servers, and a couple of Virtual Machines. These endpoints operate different OS platforms such as Windows 10/11, Windows Server, Android, and iOS.

    The Result
    With the successful delivery of the solution, Titan Trust Bank could:

  • leverage the solution with embedded automation to address its risks with little or no intervention.
  • Identify and classify sensitive data across its digital estate seamlessly and timely.
  • Effectively manage over 305 devices of which about 35% were fully remote and 45% were hybrid workers from its environment and implement basic security practices such as vulnerability management and patch management.
  • leverage the solution to conduct security awareness simulation tests and training for over 70% of its staff members.
  • Improve its compliance posture to data regulation from about 25% to over 70% in 10 months.
  • Utilize the Threat Hunting features and capabilities of the solution to stay on the offensive with potential attackers.

  • “Wragby remains a one-stop shop for our IT needs. By deploying the enterprise endpoint management solution for us, they provided us with an innovative solution to manage our growing hybrid workforce. With this, we are now able to streamline device management, improve our security posture, and empower our employees with modern and flexible work experiences.” - Oluwaseyi Oni, Chief Information Security Officer, Titan Trust Bank.
    As an organization, we are a cloud focused partner and we have consistently built our solution offerings and services on Microsoft products and services and particularly Microsoft 365. The engagement with Titan Trust Bank further established our industry leadership and technical expertise backed by our cloud platform solutions and services and with this will continue to add immense value to our clientele in the Financial Services and Capital Markets.
    With this simplified and repeatable approach to solving Titan Trust’s needs, we have replicated this solution for more customers in the financial services sector in Nigeria and Ghana
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