Customer Story
From upstream to downstream, oil and gas organizations are turning to the cloud to reduce operating cost, streamline processes and drive efficiencies. And as they adopt the latest big data, IoT, AI and machine learning technologies, they’re accelerating their ability to innovate. Imagine a future of oil and gas being driven by data, eliminating manual and time-consuming inspections. From oilfield monitoring and predictive maintenance to Data-powered exploration and production, we work closely with our oil and gas clients to empower faster decision making and reduce costs while increasing operational excellence. Since their inception in 2010, Seplat Energy has built an energy business based upon hydrocarbon production in the Nigeria’s Niger Delta, exporting oil that supports Nigeria’s economy and delivering gas to power its homes and businesses. In 2019 they became the first Nigerian company to acquire a UK-listed peer, and in 2021, began to explore ways to drive Nigeria towards renewable energy.
Major Pain points:

  • The difficulty for users to retrieve and analyze information on hand due to multiple data sources across multiple data owners and departments.
  • The need to have Data consistency for more effective decision making.
  • Faster access to information on demand to have better performance.
  • The ability for its Management to evaluate business operations and performance by measuring, managing, and monitoring the business on an ongoing basis.
  • Ability to monitor production patterns and trends.
  • The need for advanced analytics in the near future.
  • Solution
    In the space of twelve weeks, Wragby Data team deployed the solution using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The solution leveraged Microsoft technologies for data integration, data warehousing, and data analytics. Azure Synapse Analytics (Compute Optimized Gen2) combined the SQL Server relational database with Azure cloud scale-out capabilities while giving the capability to increase, decrease, pause, or resume compute in seconds. Azure Synapse Analytics stored all data in Azure Geo redundant storage with disaster recovery enabled. With Azure storage snapshots, databases are automatically backed up at regular intervals. It is seamlessly maintained, and fully fault-tolerant because of automatic back-ups. The solution deployed also leverages the power of Azure Data Factory integrated within Synapse and Logic Apps to ingest data from disparate sources ranging from Excel on SharePoint, SharePoint Lists, Azure SQL Databases, and SQL Server on-premises and API sources. Best practices were observed to capture delta change to optimize performance. Right now, Seplat Energy boasts of clearer view of activities and operations across the business as they continually generate more insight using Integrated Power BI.
    Whether its enterprise data, visualization, analytics, using first-class tools enables us to migrate large sets of data and deliver solutions quickly and efficiently to turn your data into a tool for innovation, Wragby relentlessly seeks to empower its clients to fully optimize day-to-day operational tasks.
    The outcome of our proactive engagement with Seplat Energy:

  • Putting an analytical system in place to effectively analyze data and helped Seplat proactively discover useful information, suggest a conclusion, and support enhanced decision making.
  • The solution improved data security and quality.
  • Empowers the team to be agile, competitive, and effectively make informed decisions through real-time reporting and forecast.
  • Improved team sharing and collaboration.
  • Optimize cost of training its data team across multiple solutions.
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