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Wragby’s Services & solutions offers a secure, scalable, and flexible platform to maximize production efficiencies, ensure customer loyalty, increase employee productivity, develop new products and services, and achieve operational excellence. Our services cut across all tiers of the energy industry from oil & gas to power and utility.


Energy Industry

Energy trends are shifting to renewables, advanced digitization, and customer engagement and even customer involvement in energy generation, yet many of companies in the energy sector globally are not ready for market transformation.

It’s no longer enough to think of energy as a simple commodity. To distinguish themselves from emerging competition and to solidify themselves as industry leaders, energy providers must embrace new means of digital differentiation. Cloud technology is at the heart of this digital differentiation.

Our Services


Enterprise Resource Planning solutions such as Dynamics 365 to manage & streamline core business functions with end-to-end management and integration.


Business Process Automation services to automate manual workflows and processes.


Customer relationship management solutions to improve customer service experience


Business monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance to avoid service downtime and outages.


Advanced analytics such as Churn Analysis to reduce churn and customer friction


Business Intelligence solutions for real time insights and proactive decision making


Data services such as database management, migration, storage, integration and warehousing to improve data quality and security.

Modern workplace solutions to empower your workforce to collaborate and work from anywhere at any time.


Cloud services to optimize, migrate & modernize existing applications and infrastructures to drive agility & efficiency

Clients & Technology Partners

We are accredited and have strong strategic partnerships with top technology vendors globally. By Combining our strengths and deep expertise, we deliver solutions that yield the best outcomes for our customers.

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