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Today, data is distributed more than ever and therefore requires new solutions and innovative technologies to evolve and address data management issues. Data also being a catalyst for digital strategy and transformation should be efficiently managed to unlock current & future opportunities. Wragby’s Data services help you achieve consistent access to and delivery of data across all data structures and subject areas in your enterprise.

Our service is tailored for the modern-day business as it can help improve decision outcomes for all types of decisions from macro, micro, real-time, strategic to tactical and operational. We consolidate data from different systems, technologies, and locations into data estates to enable broader connections and insights.


Data Analytics

We can help you drive business value wherever you are on your data journey with the power of advanced analytical tools to ingest and transform data, platforms to store and analyze while protecting and maximizing data value. We leverage knowledge of Business intelligence software to enhance value for you by transforming raw data into powerful information. Our data analytics services include:

  • Business Intelligence reporting and automation
  • Business Insights for Banking, Manufacturing and Human Resource
  • BI Analytics Training using Power BI

Data Engineering & Design

Our Data engineers help you understand your organization’s data through exploration, building and maintaining secure and compliant data processing pipelines by using different tools and techniques. Using various Azure data services and language to store and produce cleansed and enhanced datasets for analysis. Explore our solutions & services below:

Data Warehousing

Access, maintain and store data in unified way to drive business value

Data Migration

Migrate your data to the cloud with simplified tools and expert services.

Data Governance with Azure Purview

Understand and stay in control of your enterprise data to reduce risk and accelerate insights.

Master Data Management

Empower your teams and customers to collaborate and innovate with a trusted 360-degree view of master data across your business.

Data Modernization

Improve data security by moving your data from siloed legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases.

Data Services & Artificial Intelligence

We harness the power of Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to derive insights from data thus helping you make accurate and precise decisions. Lastly, we build, deploy, and maintain intelligent virtual agents such as chatbots that give you the information and support you desire whenever needed, thereby reducing complexity and cost associated with local implementations. Our solutions include:

Sentiment Analysis

monitor the online presence of your business to mitigate discontented customers from churn and improve customer experience

Customer segmentation Analysis

Effectively optimize marketing and sales efforts by classifying customer into various profiles using data available

Churn Analysis

Use machine learning models to predict customer patterns and reduce churn.

Anomaly Detection

Indicate critical incidents, such as fraud, a technical glitch, or potential opportunities and change in consumer behavior.

Why Data Services from Wragby

  • Simplify and unified data management strategies
  • Meet regulatory, compliance, and corporate objectives
  • Advanced specialization in Analytics
  • Proven Expertise across industry and business of all sizes
  • Cost effective and quality services

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