Make Data Driven Decisions with Wragby’s Business Service Monitoring Solution

Competition in today’s Business is digital, and the winners and losers are defined by the experience they provide to customers. With the ever-changing IT demand globally, critical IT systems could become more complex hence, it becomes more important to monitor and manage their performance with a solution like Wragby BSM.



The Wragby’s Business Solution Monitoring suite provides solutions that help track your system and application data all in one place. With Wragby’s Business Service Monitoring solution, ensure maximum observability, as our monitoring solution reports on the performance and quality of business processes, services, and systems, and displays all data in a unified view.

Why Wragby

  • Get Real-time performance analysis of your network, servers, and applications
  • Detect anomalies or previously unknown critical states across your applications, Virtual Machines, and network before failure occurs.
  • Get Real-time performance analysis of your network, servers, and applications
  • Proactively resolve issues and meet SLAs
  • Access to all important data from a centralized system and custom dashboard at your fingertips.
  • Diagnose, track and debug errors in real time



Perform quick application monitoring with the Microsoft Application insights and detect errors and anomalies before it affects your company’s overall productivity.


With all the tools available in Azure Monitor you can improve the availability of host machines through proactive Monitoring.

Power Business Intelligence (BI)

Understand data to make your business run better, quickly collect data, and secure access to data sources on-premise and in the cloud for real-time information.

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