Business Solution Monitoring

The Wragby’s Business Solution Monitoring suite provides solutions that help track your system and application data all in one place.

Retrieve, coordinate and inspect your overall system; manage payroll projects better; access to all data at your fingertips and improve your staff’s efficiency.


  • Real-time performance analysis of the network, servers and application.
  • Detect anomalies or previously unknown critical states across your applications, Virtual Machines, and network before failure occurs.
  • Access to all important data from a centralized system and custom dashboard at your fingertips.
  • Find and fix an issue before it affects your business.
  • Diagnose, track and debug errors in real time.
  • Resolve issues faster than ever before.
  • Improve the overall performance of your application
  • Find out what slows down system performance.
  • Bring a smile to your client’s face by improving your product experience.
  • Discover how your customers are interacting with your home page to identify and track key performance indicators that are important for your business.
Microsoft Application Insight

Perform quick application monitoring with the Microsoft Application insights and detect errors and anomalies before it affects your company’s overall productivity. The solution not only detects errors, it also fixes errors and lets your application run smoothly.

Log Analytics

Microsoft operation management suite, now called “Azure Monitor” provides all the necessary tools for managing and monitoring applications and underlying host machine. With all the tools available in Azure Monitoring you can improve the availability of host machines through proactive Monitoring using Azure Monitoring Log Analytics.

Wragby Business Intelligence

Power Business Intelligence(BI)

Power BI is an array of analytic tools for the analysis and sharing of information. For company customers with their most significant metrics in one location, Power BI Dashboards are accessible on all devices and are updated in real time.

Fast Organised data, understand and use data to make your business run better Quickly collect data, secure your sharing site, access to data sources on-premise and in the cloud for real-time information, control how data is accessed, anywhere, anytime with any device in one view. Application Insights and Azure Monitoring data reporting is unified on log analytics. This provides flexibility to extend this data to PowerBI for enhanced visualization and analysis of KPIs that are important to your organization, driving business Intelligence and innovation

Choice Tools, Frameworks, Services & Infrastructure

  • Microsoft Application Insight

  • Azure Log Analytics

  • Azure PowerBI