A Tale of Transformation, Trust, and Triumph- Investment One Migrate Applications to Microsoft Azure
In this tale of transformation, trust, and triumph, Wragby embarked on a noble quest to migrate legacy applications to Azure, for our prestigious customer, Investment One.

In the ever-changing financial landscape of Nigeria, a remarkable journey began. Investment One, born in 2007 amidst the Central Bank of Nigeria’s sweeping reforms, emerged as a beacon of innovation and value-added services. Initially known as GTB Asset Management Limited, Investment One swiftly evolved into a diversified organization, spanning the nation with its financial and investment offerings. Investment One stands tall, fueled by a commitment to excellence. Investment One excels in Investment Management, Trust Services, and Financial Advisory Services, with their subsidiaries also provides Securities Brokerage to individuals, corporate institutions, and government agencies.

But as the years rolled by, Investment One faced a pivotal crossroad. Their rapid ascent to leadership in Nigeria’s Financial Services Industry with increasing revenues and a burgeoning customer base—demanded more. Exceptional investment services and personalized experiences were non-negotiable. Yet, their existing technology infrastructure struggled to keep pace. Agility and innovation remained elusive, hindering their growth trajectory.

Security and reliability loomed large, the legacy environment stifled scalability, leaving performance degraded and resource utilization inefficient. Investment One yearned for a transformation that wouldn’t disrupt their business. And so, they turned to us.

The Solution

Together, we embarked on a quest, one fueled by trust and vision. The goal? Implement a gradual, secure, and flexible solution that would allow Investment One to scale, adapt to the changing market conditions and serve its expanding customer base. The solution unfolded, Migration to Azure. This wasn’t about mere technology; it was a key to Investment One’s future. Our approach was clear to deliver excellence, minimize disruptions, and build trust. After an insightful Azure immersion workshop where we showed the transformative synergy of Azure Services.

And so, the tale of Investment One and Wragby unfolded—a story of resilience, vision, and the transformative power of partnership. We implemented the solution by following the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure (CAF) and the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework (WAF).

  • Azure Immersion Workshops: Like ancient sages, we led Investment One through Azure’s mystical realms where we explored its wide range of capabilities and features.
  • Discovery: The current state of applications, their dependencies, and readiness for cloud migration were assessed
  • Evaluation and Cloud Economics: Business justification echoed through hallowed halls. Rationalization sessions whispered of cost-effectiveness and value. The winds of change stirred.
  • Planning: Here, business, and technical minds from our teams convened to define scope, timelines, and resources. Risks were acknowledged, and mitigation strategies forged.
  • Execution: With the core need for Investment One being Agility, Performance, and innovation, we adopted a cloud-native approach leveraging Microsoft technologies; App services, Azure Kubernetes service and Azure DevOps and features such as Deployment Slot in App Services. With these we were able to achieve a faster and more frequent delivery of new features and updates to the new application.
  • The Outcome
    Today, Investment One reaped the fruits of this cloud voyage:

  • • Improved performance and user experience by over 70%: By optimizing the application code, architecture, and infrastructure leveraging Azure app service, we were able to enhance the speed, responsiveness, and usability of the application.
  • Reduced Operational Costs and Complexity: By migrating the application to the cloud, the need and cost of maintaining and upgrading on-premises servers, hardware, and software licenses reduced significantly.
  • Increased Agility and Innovation
  • Enhanced security and compliance.
  • The Future
    And so, we continued our noble quest. With the support of our Local Microsoft partner, our portfolio of cloud solutions layered upon IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Spanning realms from the Modern workplace solutions to data platforms, we wove magic—Power BI, Data Analytics, Enterprise Data Warehouse, and the alchemy of business process modernization. Beyond riches, Wragby became a trusted guide to Investment One, illuminating the path of digital transformation.

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