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The Kaduna State Environmental Protection Authority (KEPA) was established by edict of 1994 and later revised in 1998 to ensure sustainability in Kaduna State. The authority is charged with the responsibility of addressing all environmental problems in the state including but not limited to organizing programs aim at changing people’s negative attitudes towards environmental management for sustainable development. As part of its core responsibilities, the agency issues the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) certificates to applicants who intend erecting structures on their properties. The certificates are necessary as tools for authorities in planning resource and they are often used at early stages of project development to serve as a compliance mechanism to prevent adverse environmental impacts from proposed projects.
The Result:
The Wragby team effectively delivered an automated process by modernizing/digitizing all existing processes and infrastructure. Some of the major outcomes include:

  • Improved user experience
  • Reduction on the lead time
  • Beef up Data security concerns
  • Massively improved the entire administrative process of escalating reports, data processing, and notification.
  • Challenges
    The Kaduna State Environmental Protection Authority (KEPA) was running a manual application process for issuing the Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate (EIA). This caused major bottlenecks such as:

  • Repetition of Tasks
  • Document was paper-based
  • Long waiting timelines
  • Tedious process for document verification
  • Poor user experience
  • Solution:
    The Kaduna State government’s drive to position the state on the ease of doing business index gave birth to the conceptualization of this project. The Kaduna state government environmental protection authority’s project aimed at delivering a web portal which would automate its processes. The Wragby DevOps team delivered a web-based portal using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The deployment process was done in phases within a 10-weeks cycle. The solution was built to enable applicants to upload all necessary documents required to certify that they have met all compliance criteria for the EIA certificate. The end to end process was automated, with a payment gate way integrated into the process, these granting users access to make payment once the documents submitted has been approved.

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