The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) is an arm of the Federal Government of Nigeria that ensures regulations, guidelines and compliance in the oil and gas Industry. With a workforce of over 1500 staff spread across the Headquarters and 24 Field and Zonal Offices, DPR serves an industry that is estimated at over $4billion in annual revenues and accounts for over 70% of the national Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, keeping the employees motivated in terms of their benefits and compensation management is key, DPR previously depended on Legacy Payroll System which was prone to various errors ranging from latency in the batch execution (over 24 hours), manual collation of monthly inputs from the Zonal Offices across the country (minimum of 7days), manual delivery of pay slips (up to 2weeks for regional employees), inaccurate loan reconciliation leading to employee dissatisfaction and inability to post payroll to the General ledger. Hence, DPR wanted a holistic solution that would address the challenges and enhance its employee benefits and compensation Management process. As strategic Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Wragby Business Solutions brought to bear our competencies as a co-sell ready ISV for both Payroll and Leave Management in the region. Our experience from the business and technical dimensions was instrumental to win the customer to consider our Payroll and Leave Management Solution on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Using the Microsoft Sure Step methodology we were able to accurately analyze the Business needs, design, build and deploy the solution. This solution has helped to reduce the payroll run time significantly from over 24 hours to less than 30 minutes, eliminated the need for manual collation of monthly inputs from the Zonal Offices, provided employees access to their Payslips from the Employee Self-Service Portal and enabled an automated loan requests, validation and reconciliation process.

We also demonstrated the differentiated value proposition of our Solution over Oracle and SAGE through the following additional benefits; Tax and Pension Remittance Extension, Loan Reconciliation, Interns Payroll Management Capability, Direct Integration with the Ledger accounts, and Cloud Scalability. We leveraged Dynamics 365 objects extension capabilities and overlay features to build our Payroll and Leave Management Add-Ons which enabled us to deliver a fit for purpose Solution for DPR. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workflow Engine was integrated with Office 365 Messaging and Collaboration solution to route e-mail messages from customized Payroll and Leave Management module. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus was used for data import and export processes from the Payroll and Leave Management Add-Ons, with further extension into Microsoft Access as a middleware linking external Excel Payroll data sources to the internal Payroll system for data analysis/comparison. We have been able to secure the platform and deploy Payroll and Leave Management Solution that meets the Business and Technical requirements of DPR. This engagement has led to the procurement of 400 additional Team Licenses totally 900 Licenses and Customer Referrals leading to the closure of a net new deal with ENYO Retail and Supply, another player within the Oil and Gas sector. Finally, as a committed Co-Sell Ready ISV Partner, these Payroll and Leave Management Solutions have been published on the Microsoft OCP Catalogue and are at the final stages to be published on Microsoft AppSource. We are better positioned and deepening our co-engagement with Microsoft to offer strategic business solutions that meets the unique needs and exceed our Customers across climes.

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