Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies now NDPR Compliant

By the provisions of the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau, NDPB, Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited have received approval after fulfilling all compliance requirements in accordance with the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) 2019.

The NDPR, which was released on January 25, 2019, provides a broad framework for safeguarding the rights of individuals to data privacy.

Data protection is crucial because it shields an organization’s information against fraud, hacking, phishing, and identity theft. Any organisation that wishes to operate efficiently must create a data protection plan to guarantee the security of its information.

The audit, conducted by Guut Technologies Limited licensed by NDPB is aimed at reviewing organisations’ compliance levels in line with the provisions of the NDPR.

According to the agency, every company whose name appears on the compliance list is verified to be NDPR compliant, indicating their commitment to data protection and privacy. This should provide some level of comfort, safety, and assurance to their customers and relevant stakeholders when dealing with them.

Being NDPR compliant means Wragby has intentionally joined the fight for stronger, more effective laws and policies around the world to protect people’s personal information online.

Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited, as data controller, remains committed to monitoring and continually improving data protection to meet our privacy responsibilities to our customers, staff, vendors, and regulators.

Wragby who earlier in the year became ISO 270001 certified has put in place standard measures that ensure the protection of customers’ data and the assurance of their privacy. Our Data Protection & Privacy Policies extensively cover every essential aspect of our relationship and engagement with customers and stakeholders.

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