Managed Service Provider in Nigeria – Wragby Business Solutions

Managed Service Provider in Nigeria – Wragby Business Solutions

As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, Wragby provides a full spectrum of IT support services for your organization, regardless of your industry vertical.

When you transition to Azure, the possibilities become endless. Our team of Azure-acclaimed architects and consultants work with you to ensure the realization of your Digital Transformation imperatives. We achieve this through our array of Managed Services Plans, ranging from the Free-Tier, which includes Break/Fix Support, Patch and Update Management, Business Services Monitoring, and 30-day Backups, to our paid plans with more advanced scenarios such as Cost Optimization, Deep Security, and Application Modernization.

We offer support while delivering SLAs and uptime guarantees. We operate and monitor your Azure and hybrid cloud environments. Additionally, we provide governance over your cloud usage by managing your billing and Azure capacity planning. Our approach includes User Rights & Accounts Management, Performance & App Troubleshooting, Proactive Monitoring, Health Checks, Training, Security Management & Identity Protection, Virtual Machine Management & Upgrading, Cloud Usage Forecasting, Billing Management, and Capacity Management.

Our Comprehensive Managed Services Portfolio:

Wragby’s managed services encompass a diverse range of offerings designed to ensure that your IT infrastructure is not only optimized but also fortified with security and compliance. Our commitment to your IT success includes the following key services:

Operations: Providing steadfast support while delivering SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and uptime guarantees. We guarantee the availability and reliability of your IT systems, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Approach: Skillfully managing user rights and accounts, optimizing performance, swiftly addressing troubleshooting needs, offering proactive monitoring, conducting health checks, and delivering essential training. This approach enhances user productivity and system efficiency while equipping your team with the skills they need.

Security and Identity Protection: Vigilantly ensuring the safety of your valuable data and applications through state-of-the-art protection measures. Our security services safeguard your digital assets and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Virtual Machine Management and Upgrading: Keeping your virtual infrastructure up to date, in line with the latest technological advancements. This service guarantees that your virtual environment remains current and efficient.

Cloud Usage Forecasting: Assisting you in meticulously planning and efficiently managing your cloud resources to meet your business objectives. We help you optimize cloud utilization, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Billing Management: Expertly managing your Azure billing and proactively planning for your capacity needs. Our billing management service ensures you get the most value from your cloud investment while avoiding unexpected costs.

End-to-End Management: Regardless of whether your IT environment is multi-tenant or hybrid, as a managed service provider, Wragby possesses the knowledge and infrastructure required to oversee every aspect of your IT operations seamlessly. From procurement to maintenance and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Service Management: We handle your cloud services efficiently, optimizing their use and ensuring they align with your business goals.

Network Monitoring and Management: Our network services include monitoring and proactive management to maintain a secure and efficient network environment.

Server Management: We ensure your servers are in top shape, delivering optimal performance and reliability.

Data Backup and Recovery: Protecting your critical data is our priority, and our services include robust backup and swift recovery solutions.

Infrastructure Planning and Monitoring: We provide strategic planning to align your infrastructure with your business goals and ongoing monitoring to maintain optimal performance.

Why Choose Wragby Managed Services

Wragby has earned its reputation as the only indigenous Azure Expert Managed Services provider in Sub-Saharan Africa for several reasons:

Trusted and Experienced Service Provider: With a wealth of experience and a proven track record, Wragby is a trusted partner for businesses seeking managed services.

Proactive Approach to Maintenance: Wragby takes a proactive approach to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

Cost-Effective and High Return on Investment: Their managed services are designed to be cost-effective, providing businesses with a high return on their investment.

Optimum Support: With a dedicated team of experts, Wragby offers optimal support, ensuring your IT environment is always in top shape.

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Security and compliance are paramount, and Wragby ensures your data and applications are protected.

Wragby operates 3-tiered managed services offering:

Tier 1 – High-Level

Tier 2 – Mid-Level

Tier 3 – Lower-Level

Depending on the specific needs of your business and your industry vertical, Wragby can help you manage your Azure Subscription securely and efficiently, providing full lifecycle management for the services deployed on the Azure Cloud Platform.

Azure Managed Services Free Offer Eligibility

Wragby offers a free-tier managed services plan to eligible customers. To qualify, kindly contact us here.

Here are the Key Advantages of Azure Managed Services: 

Cost-Efficiency: Azure managed services helps you reduce cloud costs by optimizing resource allocation, leveraging reserved instances, and ensuring efficient use of cloud services.  

High Availability and Reliability: By providing 24/7 monitoring and proactive issue resolution, Azure managed services ensure that your business experience minimal downtime. This high availability boosts operational reliability and minimizes disruptions. 

Enhanced Security and Compliance: Azure managed services help you maximize security through comprehensive measures, including threat detection and compliance adherence. which minimizes the risk of data breaches and regulatory violations,  

Scalability and Agility: With managed services, you can quickly scale your IT resources in response to changing demands.  

Predictable Costs and Budgeting: Azure managed services offers you predictable, subscription-based pricing models, making it easier for businesses to budget for their cloud expenses.  

Automated Backup and Recovery: With automated backup and disaster recovery solutions in place, your business is safeguarded against data loss and system failures. This ensures business continuity and protects valuable data assets. 

Comprehensive Reporting and Insights: Azure managed services offers you a clear view of your IT environment’s performance, cost breakdowns, and usage patterns.  

In summary, managed services not only help your business streamline its IT management but also provide tangible benefits ranging from cost savings and security to agility, innovation, and access to specialized knowledge. These advantages can translate into improved profitability and a competitive edge in the market. 

Get started with a trusted Azure Managed Services Provider like Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited. Contact us today at or  0908 773 3358 for a free IT assessment.

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