Virtual Datacenter for ISVs

More than ever before, organizations need a trusted digital transformation partner. They require help tackling the challenges of migrating to and leveraging cloud-based infrastructures, managing existing IT assets, evolving their microservices architectures, improving their DevOps agility and monetizing APIs — and they need to deliver all of this, while reducing IT expense.

The Wragby Virtual Datacenter for ISVs provides a robust and bespoke cloud platform with specially curated resources fit for ISVs bundled with expert Managed service from a top Managed Service Provider.

The Cloud Adoption Framework is leveraged in the assessment phase to determine the best fit path to Azure for ISVs. The entire process of migration, from assessment to deployment and service management, is handled by Wragby’s expert managed service personnel.

The Wragby team of experts for Virtual Datacenter for ISVs

Let our team of experts help with every step, from planning and migration to security and operational support. Whatever organization you belong, be it banking or insurance organization, investment firm, fintech or a payment technology provider, we can get you to the cloud, optimize and keep current with ongoing adoption of emerging technologies.


Gives you an end-to-end view of your operational IT costs from infrastructure to services. Your lean IT team does not get overwhelmed with operational management of your IT resources and the costs can be managed from one view.


the market. Fine-grained access control can help ensure data stays safe and private by using column-level security, native row-level security  as well as dynamic data masking to automatically protect  sensitive data in real time.