Touch and Pay Technologies provides a unique mobile payment and services platform that captures both Online and Offline transactions in a seamless way. The solution leverage Near Field Communications (NFC) technology; the tags (cards, wristbands, and stickers) and NFC devices as readers are used as customer and merchant acceptance devices respectively. The touch technology is built so simple and in a seamless approach; such that all the customers need to conduct a transaction or perform an activity is to touch the Tag on a Reader and the transaction or service is completed. The interesting part of this service is that it is available both online and offline seamlessly. Touch and Pay has a unique and robust dashboard and a reporting backend system that allows full visibility into transactions performed. The goal of TAP is to give customers improved experience in payments for their services. Touch and Pay Technologies Limited run these services from Microsoft Azure on a PAYG licensing model. The customer was concerned about the cost of maintaining these services on their Azure PAYG license. Cost reduction was top of mind for the customer and the technicality involved in the service migration across the available license options. As a Microsoft leading partner and a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) in Nigeria, Wragby Business Solutions delivered an efficient cost savings solution to the customer on our Microsoft Azure CSP subscription.

Microsoft Azure CSP subscriptions are the best and most cost-effective way to manage Azure subscriptions. With cloud-based services like Azure. Large organizations are now shifting how they purchase Microsoft products and services and looking for more flexible Microsoft Volume Licensing options which CSP offers. This engagement is more than licenses switch, but involved the migration of the services and workloads from the PAYG model to CSP subscription. This was to enable the customer to optimize cost while running the same services on the same platform under a different license model. The goal of the customer was to have X% cost savings which Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies achieved with the customer. Wragby provided advisory services on the cost-saving to the customer on licenses with CSP and worked with the customer end to end on the migration of the services from PAYG to CSP in a seamless manner while fulfilling the customer’s objectives of cost savings of 20% without compromise to the quality of service.

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