Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Security Against Internal Attacks

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) is based on Microsoft's Aorato acquisition and provides a solution to help protect your organization from advanced attacks. It uses a number of methods to identify and provide alerting to attacks in your environment before they actually cause any damage. This is what ATA does for your organization's security. The key methods to detect attacks are:.

  • Behavioral Analytics - Learning the normal patterns of users and the devices they use. Patterns outside the normal will be flagged such as using different devices or working different/longer hours. This is enabled through machine learning and data from Active Directory. It uses deep packet inspection (DPI) and heuristics based on attackers Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs).
  • Detection for known malicious attacks and security issues - Known attacks such as pass-the-ticket, pass-the-hash, brute force and so on.

    • Benefits

      Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics works around the clock to help you pinpoint suspicious activities in your systems by profiling and knowing what to look for. Advanced Threat Analytics also identifies known advanced persistent threats and security issues with behavioural analytics.
      Advanced Threat Analytics also provides recommendations for investigation and remediation for each suspicious activity Traditional IT security tools are often not equipped to handle the rising amounts of data, resulting in unnecessary alerts that distract you from the real threats. With Advanced Threat Analytics, suspicious activities are contextually aggregated with other behaviours in the interaction path to give you clear, accurate alerts.

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