IBROKA Case Study


Customer Profile:

The Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers was established by an Act of the National Assembly (NCRIB Act No. 21 of 2003) which was signed into law by the then President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on 4th July 2003. The Council is the Umbrella Association of all Registered Insurance Brokers in Nigeria who are by law expected to be registered by it before they can be licensed to operate in the Nigerian Insurance market by the National Insurance Commission.

The Nigerian insurance industry successfully transitioned from decades of retardation to an enduring trend of impressive growth. By deploying an arsenal of regulatory, communication, and operational tools, the industry recorded an average growth rate of 42.77%, which stabilized to 35.7% by 2018. This positive trend led to two relevant developments. Firstly, it encouraged investment in the sector, including the entrance of Old Mutual and Axa. Secondly, it increased the operational pressure on insurance brokers

The Results:

Since the launch in December 2019, iBroka has provided services to a growing number of insurance brokers in Nigeria:

  • iBroka enabled a 60% decrease in processing time and effort, saving the clients much-needed resources while increasing their agility.
  • It also powered convenience and business continuity, due to its web-based multi-device access.
  • Enabled Brokers to continuously serve customers, and meet regulatory requirements
  • It also supported employee remote access, and brokers can work from anywhere via www.ibrokang.com, paying for their subscription in the local currency.


For years, the insurance brokerage segment had remained immune to meaningful technological disruptions, adapting decades-old manual workflow to rapidly changing regulatory requirements. Before the Microsoft – Wragby intervention, the Nigerian insurance brokers endured:

  • Inability to sustainably meet up with demanding and time-consuming regulatory compliance,
  • Lack of seamless, automated process management,
  • The need for portable, scalable, and cost-effective technology tools.

The Lagos State Chapter of NCRIB, in its desire for a comprehensive solution, sought for a brokerage ERP. This solution, it believes, will eliminate manual processes, save time, and boost productivity for its estimated 366 registered insurance brokers


After a review of the prototypes presented by multiple partners,  NCRIB selected Wragby’s iBroka as the preferred solution for the sector.

Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) methodology and Azure DevOps Services, the Wragby team develop and deploy the ERP (iBroka) within six months (July to December 2019) of engagement.

iBroka is a cloud-based end-to-end ERP tailored to the insurance brokerage sector. Because it is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure, iBroka has the scale and reliability to serve brokers nationwide. It is provided to brokers as a cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS), with a monthly or annual subscription. The primary code stack is ASP.net Core 2.0, Bootstrap 4.0, and MSSql. The solution is deployed on Azure PaaS and is also consumed as SaaS by other Tier 2 resellers via web services exposed by the Azure API gateway manager.