The DevOps team designs and develops business solutions using state-of-the-art development strategies suitable for business operations. We provide our customers with robust, extremely effective and efficient software solutions. These solutions are highly scalable and leverage the use of cloud technologies to enable us to deliver satisfactory quality to our clients.

The DevOps Team Solutions and Services

Wragby’s Cloud Market Place: the cloud Market place provides solutions tailored to suit your needs as a business, these innovative solutions allow you to integrate your traditional products and services with Information Technology and communication tools to help engage with your customers and stand you out.

Wragby ERP4SME (Enterprise Resource Planning for Small and Medium Enterprise)

is a Subscription based ERP for SMEs. This platform offers solutions that help businesses perform major business operations better, they include functionalities for Inventory, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Basic Finance and Operations, and Human Resources(HR)

Wragby Field Service Solution

This solution is a CRM tool specifically designed for customer and personnel management, using the Geo-tagging and Geo-fencing techniques, this solution allows you to target customers and important personnel as regards their location which ultimately improves customer relationship management.

Mobile Application Development

design and development of solutions to run on mobile to make easy communication and interaction with clients. Mobile Applications developed are scalable across all devices (Android, iOS and Windows phones).

Choice Tools, Frameworks, Services & Infrastructure

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

  • Azure DevOps
  • Jenkins

  • Selenium
  • ML Kit

  • AR Kit
  • Android SDK

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studiot