Cloud Platform & Application Infrastructure


Our array of Cloud solution experts modernize existing infrastructure to provide an entirely new platform which showcases unimaginable efficiency through the power of the hybrid cloud.

They influence and educate decision makers, end-users and other stakeholders in I.T, business units and other groups across an organization to either revamp their existing infrastructure protocol or drive scalable infrastructure through driving successful cloud adoption.

The selection also manages and moves for the optimization of existing cloud infrastructure to improve performance, contain cost, streamline management and beef up security concerns.

  • DevOps
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Internal Business Apps
  • Business Services Monitoring
  • Backup, Archive & Disaster Recovery
  • App Modernization and Migration

The technology landscape is ever-changing, and business applications almost always have a hard time keeping up, due to Legacy technologies which make it difficult to integrate with newer apps and systems. However, by modernizing your application, you can take advantage of some benefits of the cloud by migrating existing legacy applications to new applications or platforms, including the integration of new functionalities to provide the latest functions to the business

Wragby’s Application Modernization and Migration services help organizations strip out unnecessary costs, minimizing risks, and freeing up IT resources to generate business value using Containers and Microservices. Our consultants/experts help in modernizing existing infrastructure, processes, and applications to provide an entirely new platform that showcases unimaginable efficiency through the power of the hybrid cloud. Wragby works with customers to ensure that applications are built in the simplest and most efficient way possible by leveraging Agile frameworks, DevOps, and other best in class processes, tools, and technologies.

We remain the best at providing services to Migrate Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure, and services for Linux and Open-Source Database Migrations, respectively.

The Wragby approach is flexible, repeatable, highly scalable, and designed to minimize time, effort, and risk, at the lowest possible cost, with predictable business benefits

Choice Tools, Frameworks, Services & Infrastructure

  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure Site Recovery

  • Azure Stack
  • Open Source on Azure

  • Azure Backup
  • SAP on Azure

  • Operations Management Suite (MOS)
  • StorSimple