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Aderemi Oluwaseyi

Aderemi Oluwaseyi

Move Your Database To the Cloud

For organizations running any version of SQL Server, Microsoft Azure offers a fast, easy way to back up your on-site database to the cloud.

Your backup database gets all of the benefits of Microsoft Azure storage, including the ability to scale as your data grows, enterprise-grade data protection, and the elimination of capital expense for storage hardware, paying only for what you use. Backups can be automated, your backup files can be encrypted for added protection, and you can use point-in-time restore to recover data from a specified time in the past. In the case of an on-premises failure, you can also easily restore your backup in a Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine to help you get your database back online quickly.

Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited has the technical expertise to move your database to the cloud and also implement disaster recovery with Microsoft Azure.

For additional protection against failure and system downtime, you can get disaster recovery for your SQL Server database in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. WBST with our cloud solutions experts and project delivery framework, can help to dramatically minimize service disruption if your database goes down.

Once you leverage Microsoft Azure infrastructure, you can avoid the capital and operational costs of purchasing and maintaining additional hardware. You can also trust our brand that has competencies in banking, health and public organizations to get the job done.

For more information please Contact Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited to help you transition your on-premises SQL infrastructure to the cloud.


Wragby CSR in Collaboration with Technovation Mentors

When you enter the college of technology in most Institutions you find that the proportion of male to female students are significantly higher. In my time, there were 50 males to 20 females in the computer engineering Class. There has to be a change and thankfully it is here. Iridescent which is an organization dedicated to the increase of female involvement with STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Subjects) has developed some programs. One of these global initiatives is called the Technovation Challenge.

Pamela Chukwuemeka (Technovation Mentor) in partnership with Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited will be joining this global initiative in 2017 to help interested young female secondary school students and undergraduates go through and complete the challenge.

The Technovation Challenge is for girls aged 10-18. Girls are challenged to come up with an app idea, conduct user research, create a business plan, build the app prototype and pitch their app to experts for a chance to win part of the $20,000 in seed funding.

Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Limited as part of her Corporate Social Responsibility is committed to aiding the Technovation Mentors in increasing female interest in Technological Innovation and Transformation. And we will do everything to ensure the winner of the Technovation Challenge comes from our region.

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